Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel

A steady source of free public Wi-Fi

Maybe summer is gone, but the travelling days aren’t. And what’s the most important accessory for almost any travelling tourist nowadays? That’s right, free Wi-Fi hotspots, for sure! If you’ve ever wondered how to get free Wi-Fi while being on a vacation, we have the answer. There are couple of places that are very friendly when it comes to giving free Wi-Fi to their consumers… or tourists… or anyone… Would you like to know how to locate them? Luckily for you, it couldn’t be any easier than this…


How to find free Wi-Fi hotspots on the go?

Starbucks and McDonald’s.

These two restaurants are presently almost everywhere, all over the world, and guess what, they offer free Wi-Fi. If you think it’s not cool to use their Wi-Fi without ordering something to eat, you can just buy something to drink (coffee, juice) and be polite in some way. It’s okay to log right in, if you have an emergency type situation and you need internet right away, but if you are planning to surf the web or hang out on Facebook, you can still sit there and enjoy the free Wi-Fi of the restaurant.


Where else can I get it?

Lots of public spaces have open Wi-Fi, you just need to be clever and know where to find them. Public libraries, shopping malls, small coffee shops, hotels, and many more may also be offering a free Wi-Fi connection.

Be aware that some of the places are not offering free Wi-Fi to everyone, at some places you’ll have to order something first in order to get the code to access the network. If you are a traveler, this is a good idea to take a break and sit for a lunch or coffee and grab some free Wi-Fi along the way.


Be aware of Time-limited Hotspots

As the name says, some of the networks offer free Wi-Fi, but only for a short time before you’ll need to start paying for it. Most commonly seen at the airports and that’s what worries most travelers.

How to get more out of them without paying? By changing your device’s MAC address, you can get more free time (because the network identifies your device by its MAC address). So change the address and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi access point. I’m not sure if this can be done on other systems though, so if you know, please share.


Use an App to locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot

Since today there are apps made for almost anything, finding the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot is nothing less important. Made for both, Android and iOS, this app helps you find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots, by using your GPS location. And if you want to plan ahead, you can also search for free and available Wi-Fi hotspots to where you will be travelling to, and all around the world. Pretty cool if you ask me.


Do you use free Wi-Fi when you find it, or you always pay for it?

Are there any other places where we can find free Wi-Fi that we forgot to mention?

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