AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is an essential tool for anyone who wants to change their voice, and it’s perfect for both professional and personal use. Many bloggers, freelancers, gamers and voice-over artists enjoy and profit from the benefits of this superb application. This software boasts a wide variety of different voice effects as well as background effects, so that can help you protect your anonymity online. If you want to have fun, AV Voice Changer Software offers some really exciting features. One of the greatest concerns that people have regarding voice changer software programs is that they won’t live up to the expectations and that they’ll underperform. No need to worry about that because this software will actually surprise you with its high-quality output. We cordially recommend you AV Voice Changer Software Diamond as this excellent program will help you find your voice.

Audio4fun, a company that has developed AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, has a variety of products for audio and video morphing and editing, and it’s dedicated to providing PC users with top-notch audio and video technologies. You can check out their other applications such as AV Webcam Morpher, RingtoneMax, Video Morpher and so on.

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Change Your Tune

AV Voice Changer Software enables you to completely transform your voice and add various effects. For example, you can change your voice and make it sound as if you were a male or a female and add numerous other subtle nuances, including age, mood or accent. This also means that you can use this gender-bending software and have fun with your friends and family. Trust us, even your closest friends won’t be able to see (or shall we say hear) through your game because sound quality of the output is exceptional.

Nowadays, people pay a lot of attention to building and maintaining their online identities and presence. This means that they have to choose carefully how they want to be perceived in cyber space, but it has also become increasingly important how they sound. Just like picking an interesting or catchy nick, choosing a voice can be challenging and that’s where AV Voice Changer Software Diamond comes in with its hundred and counting predefined “nickvoices”. Jazz up your internet persona and make it unique by means of this amazing feature.

AV Voice Changer 1

This outstanding feature will make it possible for you to completely conceal your identity when you talk to someone online. For example, many people like to change their voice when they’re playing online games. Adding some background effects also may come in handy. What’s even better, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond lets you modify your voice real time, and it’s compatible with all major instant messaging as well as voice chat apps such as Skype or Facebook. This basically means that you don’t have to record and modify your voice in advance which would be limiting in live chats. Background effects will additionally back up your story, as you may produce a blizzard while you’re sunbathing by the poolside.

AV Voice Changer 2

Besides being able to record, edit and add various effects to your voice, you can also do that with any audio file you’ve got on your computer. Converting files to other formats is also supported. If you’re wondering what happens when you’ve tried all the existing sound and background effects, the answer is: there are more of them! The effects database is updated on a regular basis and you can just visit the website and download the latest effects for free.

AV Voice Changer 3


If you are primarily using AV Voice Changer Software Diamond for work, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a highly efficient program that can meet all your needs. You can find voice-over editor, voice comparator or voice analyzer among the features and every audio engineer will be satisfied with its advanced options. Enhancing the sound of human voice mainly relies on modifications of pitch and timbre. As you can see, AV Voice Software has a clean interface that is easy to use, because those two qualities of human voice can be conveniently adjusted by means of sliders.

AV Voice Changer 4


  • It includes a voice recorder, analyzer, comparator as well as a player;
  • Provides undeniably high output quality;
  • Boasts a dazzling array of various features and sound effects;
  • It offers both prerecorded and real-time voice changer options;
  • Compatibility with numerous VoIP, IM and live chat applications as well as online games;
  • Easy to use.


  • A bit outdated user interface, but it’s important to emphasize that this doesn’t affect its quality in any way;


With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond you won’t have to choose between quality sound output and a wide selection of features and effects. Many similar applications put you in an either-or situation by being great in one department but totally failing in the other. If you want to have your say unique way, this software will give you the opportunity to be whoever you want.


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