PDF files are among most frequently used types of text documents. They preserve the formatting, fonts, images as well as other important elements so that you don’t have to worry whether your document will be altered when you open it on some other operating system. But this great feature leads to one problem – PDF documents can’t be easily edited which means that in case there’s a mistake, you’ll have to create another document. Either that or simply purchase CAD-KAS PDF Editor and easily edit your PDF documents just like you edit Word. In case that you’re not sure what kinds of file formats exist and when they’re used, check out our instructive article on Common File Types.

CAD-KAS is a German company which has developed this handy PDF editor and many other PDF editing and printing applications. Their most successful product is CAD-KAS PDF Editor and it has been making people’s lives easier since 2003.

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Editing Options

First of all, you’ll notice that there are two versions of CAD-KAS PDF Editor: CAD-KAS PDF Objects and CAD-KAS PDF Editor Pro. The main difference lies in the fact that Pro Version offers the possibility of creating and adding new form fields, while Objects version works magic by enabling some of the following features: conversion from PDF to DXF, converting pictures/images to DXF, EMF/SVG export or PDF shrink. This useful program is easily installed and once you open it, the first thing that can be noticed is neatly organized user interface.


This user-user friendly toolbar can be described as self-explanatory, as it’s perfectly clear what brush, circle, eclipse or table is, and how to use all those options. You can also move, rotate or scale all elements of a PDF document (lines, images or text). It’s refreshing when you know that if you’ve made a typo in your PDF documents, you can easily correct it.

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This feature can save you a lot of time and money, since you can simply change an old address or a phone number from your advertisement, instead of making a completely new one. Another interesting option is that you can even change the font of a finished document.



CAD-KAS, PDF Editor, FONT after


Remember highlighting, underlining, strikethrough or font color options in Word? Well, CAD-KAS PDF Editor brings the same features to the world of PDF documents. Sometimes, you don’t need whole pages of the document, and it used to take a lot of effort to get rid of them, but this excellent program can not only delete the pages you don’t want, but also change the order of pages in a finished document.

Strictly Confidential

Adding stamps such as “Confidential” or “Approved” has never been easier as it’s just a click away.

CAD-KAS PDF Editor, Confidential

When it comes to confidentiality and top secrets, CAD-CAS PDF Editor makes it possible for you to hide certain pages of a document and make it practically invisible when opened in Acrobat Reader. Another problem that people frequently encounter is when they try to read encrypted PDF documents. Once insurmountable difficulty, this can be easily overcome with this practical program. Some documents can’t be printed because of their security settings, but once again CAD-CAS PDF Editor doesn’t see this as a problem. Unlocking and printing inaccessible documents is just a piece of cake for this powerful program.

More advanced users will definitely enjoy the possibility of inserting and editing vector graphic objects or source code of the page. Unicode support is a welcome addition, since this means that characters from any language can be written.

In case that you still don’t want to change the document you’ve been working on, CAD-CAS PDF Editor leaves it intact. Besides that, there’s also an undo button if you aren’t satisfied with the changes you’ve made.

Ease of use is one of the most important advantages of CAD-CAS PDF Editor. Still, this fact doesn’t make it suitable only for average users. Advanced users will have a lot to expect from this top-notch program as it is designed to be used both by professionals and home users. A wide array of options this program offers is a huge plus, as it practically turns a PDF document into an easily editable text document.
The only shortcoming we’ve noticed might be in the system requirements department. Namely, it can lead to a bit higher CPU usage, but this is not a big deal and it doesn’t happen too often.
CAD-CAS PDF Editor completely upholds its reputation and doesn’t fall short of our expectations. Its high usability and meeting demands of the most advanced users while being accessible even to average PC users, makes this program a stellar choice for all those who need to use PDF documents and be able to change their structure completely without any limitations. Another plus is excellent customer support and a detailed user guide that leaves nothing for the FAQ section.
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