KidsWatch Parental Control Software

KidsWatch Parental Control Software

When you have kids the Internet might seem like the kingdom of darkness, and the very idea that they might be left unattended while browsing sends shiver down your spine. It’s true that you can simply lock your router when you’re not at home, but sometimes kids need the Internet in order to finish their school projects or simply to find some entertainment, and there’s a more elegant way of solving this Gordian knot without you coming off as a stick-in-the-mud parent. There is also a possibility that even if you block your router, they might find some other Internet source. Parental control software is what you need and if you aren’t familiar with its concept, you can get to know more about it in Find Out How to Keep Your Kids Protected Online. KidsWatch is a great online chaperone and it can jump in and protect your offspring from any potential online threat and block unsuitable content, thus enabling completely safe browsing.

KidsWatch is a company that has been founded by a group of parents concerned for the security of their children on the Internet. It has been on the market since 2004, and it established itself among the leading parental software vendors. Their product has been updated and developed over the years and now it’s a top-notch utility for helping parents in making the Internet a safer place for kids.

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KidsWatch lets you select between several predefined age groups and make a separate account for each of your kids. You can also edit profiles by choosing website categories that you want to prevent your kids from browsing, and you can block all adult content with just one click.

Kidswatch Restriction Level

Besides that, you can also enter other search words that you want to filter. Whenever your kid tries to browse for the inappropriate content, you’re notified by the email service and you can see what websites the kid tried to access or what the search words were entered into the search bar.

Kidswatch Restricted Words

As you know, nowadays even safe websites with child friendly content sometimes feature some inappropriate banners or adverts and KidsWatch manages to eliminate those and fully safeguard your family from prying tentacles of X-rated media. Since kids very frequently can’t tell the difference between risky websites and files, this vigilant parental control utility thinks about that too, and it helps protect your computer from malware, phishing, viruses or spyware by blocking access to infected and potentially dangerous sites. Teenagers can additionally be put at various risks because they’re into piracy and illegal downloading of music, movies or software, so KidsWatch prevents the use of P2P programs.

Chatting and Messaging

Keeping in touch via various messengers and services is a must for teenagers nowadays. Facebook, Jabber, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Myspace and ICQ instant messengers are all covered by KidsWatch protection.

Kidswatch Chat Monitoring

There are many predators preying on young and naïve children and they are parents’ worst nightmare, but this kind of real-time surveillance enables you to keep an eye on your child even if you aren’t together. In other words, you can monitor or even completely block access to those services. Moreover, if a kid knows a few hacks and tries to override this by using web based IMs, you can block them as well. KidsWatch will send you bits and excerpts of conversations that contain inappropriate words and phrases. The program has a number of default worrisome words and phrases, such as weapons, profanities, sex-related words, booze etc., and if you want you can add the ones that you find disturbing and you’ll be immediately notified if they appear in conversations. When it comes to chat sessions via IMs that aren’t listed, the program can’t record conversations, but you can also block the access to those messengers.


Modern kids have their fingers glued to the keyboard and they would spend all their free time on their computer. You can stop them when you’re together, but what about those times when they’re alone or when they take their laptops and go somewhere? KidsWatch has various useful features that can help you monitor not only what websites your kids can access but also how much time they spend on the Internet.

Kidswatch time restriction

You can create a weekly or daily schedule, and define how much time they can spend online, as well as select the exact period when they’re allowed to browse, and this great setting can put your mind at ease. As this program lets you control three computers and choose between two pricing plans – Time Management or Professional plan. Some options such as keyword search filtering, chat monitoring, or Predator Watch are available only in Professional plan.

Predator Watch is a feature that keeps you informed about registered offenders, and its database, which is updated on a regular basis, contains their current addresses, types of offense as well as pictures, and you’ll receive an email if such a person moves into your neighborhood.

Kidswatch Predator Watch

If you don’t want your kids to install or upgrade any programs, you can also enable that option. Many parents will find the possibility to prevent their kids from using certain programs and applications very useful.

A very easy setup and customization will let even parents who aren’t geeky to install and create profiles in no time. Numerous handy features, including the Internet time management, content filtering, IM monitoring or Predator Watch will keep your kids only within a safe haven of child-friendly websites without being exposed to disturbing content.
The lack of availability for Mac or mobile devices is something that might be an issue. Although this utility offers a good layer of protection, some kids can override its barriers by anonymizers e.g. tools that can hide their activities in the Internet.
KidsWatch is an award-winning program that reliably stands by you and protects your kids’ safety while they’re online. Its real time alert system will keep you posted about all suspicious activities on your kids’ computers 24/7. This easy-to-use parental control software creates a shield that fights off any potential inappropriate content from the Internet and keeps your kid in a safeguarded online environment.

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