Lightning PDF Professional 9

Lightning PDF Professional 9

Lightning PDF Professional 9 is the updated version of the software that can immensely boost your work efficiency and reduce the time spent on trying to create, convert and edit PDF files. As we have already discussed in our article on Common File Formats, PDF files have become an absolute must especially in the world of business. They add a layer of safety to legal documents and provide the possibility of combining various elements such as vector graphics, images, charts etc. But, many people have a problem when it comes to creating and editing PDF documents as they’re not easily editable. With Lightning PDF Professional 9, you get only the benefits of PDF documents without complicated editing process as this fantastic, user-friendly software allows you to effortlessly deal with PDF files.

Avantquest Software, the company that developed Lightning PDF Professional 9, is among the world’s leading developers in the field of personal and professional software. Even the name of this French-based company shows that their goal is a quest for constant advancement and improvement. They have published numerous software utilities including Power Desk Pro 9, and InPixio Photo focus.


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At the Speed of Lightning

Lightning PDF Professional 9 allows you to create new PDF documents from the scratch. What does this actually mean in practice? Well, you can create a PDF document from all kinds of other programs including MS Word, Excel and even PowerPoint and all that with the help from One-Click creation tools. Different file types can be combined into a single PDF document that can be opened in any PDF viewer. Another good thing is that the use of Lightning PDF Professional 9 results in optimized, high-quality, industry-standard files.


It’s also possible to convert PDF files to Word, and besides the fact that it’s quick and easy, you don’t have to worry about formatting as Lightning PDF Professional 9 keeps all settings. Touch-up Text tool offers a plenty of options for text editing including selecting various fonts and colors. You can correct typos, add text and images to old PDF files without fuss.


We all know how difficult working with tables can be. This software enables you to convert PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets, while the layout remains intact.

There are numerous handy details that can be added to documents, meaning that the text can be highlighted, sticky notes can be added, while freehand drawing tools allow users to add their own drawings. Stamps such as “Confidential”, “Revised” or “Approved” can also be inserted, as well as watermarks.


When we’re talking about protecting your security, it should be said that Lightning PDF Professional 9 lets you convert your PDF files to various image formats that can’t be edited or changed. You can even include your digital signature and add various protective settings such as restricting editing, copying and even printing of your sensitive documents. There’s also a useful tool that compresses PDF files to sizes that can be attached and sent via email. Advanced OCR technology makes it possible to create image-based PDF documents that can be edited.


New additions

New version of Lightning PDF Professional features several interesting novelties that can be of use. Clean UI that has been redesigned for your convenience now looks even more user-friendly and practical. Text-editing has never been easier and this amazing software added new annotation tools that allow you to manipulate the text, and you can forget about highlighting, adding sticky notes or hand-written comments after the documents have been printed. You can now do it digitally, just like you’re using a pen. The publisher has improved PDF rendering and that is something that professional users will highly appreciate. We all know that the size matters and with Lightning PDF Professional 9 you don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to share your documents because of their size – they can be compressed without any loss to the quality. There’s also a screen-capture tool and support for Bates number, which is something inevitable when it comes to legal and medical documents. The program is also optimized for Windows 10.




Lightning PDF Professional 9 is a very successful Adobe Acrobat alternative that can be used for viewing and editing all kinds of PDF files. It’s also important to emphasize that files created and edited by this program can be viewed on any other PDF viewer. One of the greatest things about it is the fact that you actually don’t need a source file if you want to edit a PDF document.
As usually with such highly sophisticated programs intended mainly for professional users, the main problem might be that they can be a little bit too complicated for an average PC user. Generally speaking, there are no other shortcomings that are worth mentioning.
Lightning PDF Professional 9 is a top-notch program for handling PDF files. There’s not much it can’t do, so you can create new documents, combine and edit them, and all that without any complications. Although it’s praised for its ease of use, this software has been mainly aimed at professional users because they can greatly benefit from its numerous tools and options. The abundance of possibilities it offers helps you organize your work and perform your tasks much faster. Its multilingual support makes it more accessible to users from various countries including Germany, Turkey, Japan, Bulgaria and many others.


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