Steganos Online Shield VPN

Steganos Online Shield VPN

Steganos Online Shield – SOS is a virtual private network which fortifies your security and practically makes your digital data inaccessible to online scavengers. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that every computer in possession of sensitive and personal data, must be in want of top-notch protection. To put it in a more contemporary way, if you want to keep your data and files just to yourself, you need more than just antivirus or anti-adware software, thus a reliable VPN can be a welcome addition to your digital protection arsenal. Since we’re all online 24/7, it’s only logical to wonder how to secure our online identities, and just like you have trustworthy locks for your home you should also protect your Web traffic and stay safe behind the veil of anonymity. The Internet provides us with innumerable advantages, but its drawbacks can be unimaginably risky. SOS is justifiably abbreviated like this as it can really save you from all kinds of cyber criminals. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of virtual private networks, check out our article VPN Software.

Steganos is a German-based company that specializes in providing various Internet security services and programs. Apart from Steganos Online Shield VPN, it has also developed Steganos Password Manager 17, Steganos Security Suite 17 and Steganos Safe 17.

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Privacy in the Digital Age

Nowadays, when being connected to the Internet is one of the imperatives of modern life and business, it’s hard to maintain privacy online. Steganos Online Shield is suitable both for personal and professional use, and what is more important, it will ensure airtight protection of all your data and files. It’s easily installed and you don’t have to be a computer expert in order to adjust its settings. After the installation, you’ll be presented with a clean-cut dashboard with several options.

Steganos Installation

As you can see, it’s possible to create a VPN with just one click. This powerful program also offers the features of blocking ads, preventing tracking on social media websites, erasing cookies and hiding your IP as well as browser type.

Steganos Options

All these options help you manage various aspects of online security. Its 256-bit AES protection armors your connection, so that your Internet activities can’t be traced. SOS creates so-called secure tunnel where all your traffic is sheltered and your IP address is masked. While you’re under its protection, you don’t have to worry about stalkers, spammers, hackers or even government snoops. You can use SOS both to access your business files when you’re not at your office, and to access your home network while you’re on the go. This superb program can protect up to 5 devices and you can see the devices connected to your network.


SOS – Your Digital Invisibility Cloak

If you want to keep a low profile while you’re browsing, SOS will provide you with the possibility to go unnoticed. It has servers in several countries, and you can choose between the fastest connection and servers in a particular country. For example, if you want to watch BBC iPlayer, that is BBC streaming service, just switch your address to GB and voila – you’ll be able to enjoy all the content just like you’re in London. In other words, this option easily overrides geoblocking.

Steganos UK IP

You’ll also notice that you’ve managed to trick Google into believing that your location is somewhere in the UK:

Steganos Google UK

Many people are disappointed when they realize that certain videos and songs on the YouTube aren’t available in their country. No problem! SOS comes to your rescue again. Switch your location to the USA and pretend that you’re somewhere across the pond.


Cookie Monster

Many websites use cookies to collect sensitive data, including browsing history, and although you may think that it’s no big deal, this annoying practice can actually compromise your security. Namely, the obtained information is usually shared with online advertisers who in turn start spamming you with their offers by flooding your inbox with numerous commercials and advertisements based on the results of your search. That’s why it’s important to eliminate cookies, so SOS devours them and leaves no crumbs, thus protecting you. However, in case that you want to keep some cookies, all you have to do is manage the exceptions.

Steganos Cookie-removal exceptions


WiFi Hotspots and Cold Feet

Do you know that a seasoned hacker needs less than 15 minutes to hack a Wi-Fi hotspot? Sometimes they just intercept traffic, and at other times they can even steal valuable information from all devices connected to the compromised hotspot. Advanced PC users know about this and they usually avoid connecting to hotspots, but sometimes when you’re on the road or in a foreign country, you simply have to rely on those unsecure wireless networks if you want to keep in touch with your friends and family or even for business purposes. That’s why it’s of vital importance to have a reliable VPN, such as Steganos Online Shield if you have to use public Wi-Fis without worrying that some shady hacker will break into your device.


Besides various amazing features of SOS, the thing that’s absolutely impressive about this great VPN software is its speed. It doesn’t affect PC performance or the Internet speed and that’s considered to be one of the greatest shortcomings of other similar programs. You’ll be able to enjoy watching streaming programs without annoying network buffering. If you’re addicted to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be glad to hear that those services won’t be able to track your movements or collect information about your browsing habits. SOS also has the option for blocking intrusive pop-up ads, so that you won’t be distracted from your work.



  • Numerous features that protect online security and identity;
  • It doesn’t affect PC performance or the Internet speed;
  • Overrides geoblocking restrictions;
  • Has a pop-up blocking option;
  • Prevents social networks from tracking its users;
  • Automatically deletes cookies;


  • There’s no support for Mac;
  • Netflix might not work;

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