The Rise of eSports

Before we talk more about eSports lets go through some basic definitions first. eSports are a form of organized online video game competitions, particularly between professional players. The most common video game genres associated with eSports are real time strategies, first person shooter, fighting, and some online battle arena. As the digital revolution has transformed the way we chat, date, and shop, the same way sport took some changes too. eSports consist of a variety of video games, for which you need super flexible fingers and a fast brain to succeed, along with a lot of practise. The idea that millions of people would tune in to watch other people playing computer games would once have seemed like a comedy, but rapid rise of eSports has shown us all wrong. eSports is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world and claims to be the second truly global sport after football.


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Video Games

Video games became very popular over the last couple of years, and with that they became a completely normal thing for young generations. If for parents a normal thing would be to watch a movie or a good TV show, the same thing is for teenagers when it comes to video games. Every kid today likes to play a good video game, and if parents don’t play games themselves, they should consider to try them out in order to understand what exactly these things are about. There is no reason to be afraid of video games or to assume that they are filled with explicit and unpleasant imagery. The most important thing for parents is to get to know the subject in order to understand it better and be aware of how their kids are spending their time.


Video Games Are Good For Your Health

Top 5 life skills that are being developed by playing video games Let’s say that video games are a special kind of hobby that aren’t played just by kids , but grownups as well. Most teenagers spend good part of their childhood playing games in their free time, and the passion for gaming continues throughout their life for many of them. As any other habit we endorse, playing video games can continue to be for the occasional fun in our free time, or it can become an obsession over time . Anyhow, video games may lead to the fact that we neglect the more important things in life, such as school, family or friends, but can also help you become a more productive member of society, believe it or not. How?