Video Games Are Good For Your Health

By Anne Smith  |  Updated June 24, 2015  |  Games | 


How can games help one become a better person?

The general opinion (that mostly comes from anti-gaming activists) about video games and gaming culture as a whole, is that it could eventually lead to violence or addiction. BUT the truth is that it can help you succeed in life, or even shape you in a way that you’ll be become a better person. Here are some of the skills that video games can enhance, and are really important in every child’s growing up:


Perhaps the most common gaming stereotype is a player that is (or becomes) asocial. Okay, it’s true that gamers spend most of their time in front of the computer… mostly alone… without talking to anyone. On the other hand, they CAN communicate over voice and video chat, so it’s not that they’re not improving their social skills at all.

Why is this connected with leadership?

As we mentioned before, gaming includes different kinds of social interaction. Games are usually played in groups (but on different computers) and one person always has to be in charge of everything. The individual that is managing the team has to work on some skills that can be applied to real life later. Some of the skills that are being developed are:

  • Organizing people’s activities and responsibilities

  • Resolving problems within the team members

  • Making schedules and setting goals

  • Working on how to motivate the team to perform better

Strategic planning

Gamers always seek for motivational games and stimulation in playing, in order to improve their skills. So, games that will never go out of style are the ones designed to make you keep thinking about the strategy you should use. So, strategic planning is one of the most valuable skills that you may develop by playing games, because it is very useful in organizing your everyday activities. It’s good to be always questioning yourself, and by playing a video game, you’ll learn how.

Here are some questions that will follow you throughout your life:

  • What are the consequences of it?

  • Why should/shouldn’t I do it?

  • Is this the best possible way to approach the situation?

  • What should I pay attention to?


Many games were developed to improve different brain activities. Some are related to improving speed or hand-eye coordination, others to concentration or mental functions, and some refer to visual activity or memory training. Either way, your brain acts similar to your muscles - when you practice, it becomes stronger. If we look at it this way, you basically exercise your brain while playing video games.

Do you believe video games have a big social impact on people in general?

Did gaming ever have an impact on your life and how?