Facebook, as an integral part of life

By Stephanie Smith  |  Created July 06, 2018  |  Internet |  Other | 


Over ten years and billion users, there is no question that Facebook has changed our lives. For many young people, Facebook is a normal thing to have and use on everyday basis, and not just once a day. Many of the same young people uses Facebook to portray themselves as they want others to see them. Which can lead to the fact that many of us, and this doesn’t include only young people, but all generations, is more focused on taking pictures to create the Facebook persona and show that they had a good time, rather than existing in the moment. Everyone is more focused how many likes does the picture have, or comments rather than to just enjoy the moments in their lives.

The false perceptions that we are creating on Facebook, won’t make us happy. In fact, the reality of it is that most of us spend many hours alone. A lot of psychologist says that, the more people tend to present themselves on Facebook as someone who is living the life to the fullest and being happy, tend to be actually quite unhappy. The pressure to look a certain way on social media can do much more harm than good. So why do people still continue to use this false presentation of their lives, and continue to actually be fake? The answer lies in the idea everyone is doing it and it’s hard for you to be an outsider, because even though it is not impossible to have a social life without Facebook but it’s harder. Also sufferers of various illnesses are increasingly using social media to connect with others and to raise awareness about their diseases. But if a condition is considered embarrassing, people are less likely to publicly associate themselves with it.


Facebook is necessary to live in our current society. It is the tool we all use to make our lives more efficient. And no matter the arguments on its negative impact on every generation, Facebook will continue to exist in our lives.