Instagram Updates its Algorithmic Feed

By Stephanie Smith  |  Created March 23, 2018  |  Lifestyle |  Internet | 


The Facebook-owned platform has finally taken some of the ensuing criticism into account based on feedback from users. Instagram has announced today that it will be making critical changes to their algorithmic feed. The biggest reason for this is because Instagram’s algorithmic feed fails to show fresh content most of the time. Instead it keeps showing posts that users may have already seen in the past. In order to fix this problem, Instagram says it is making changes to the feed which will now make sure new posts are shown more often. This way user’s feed with stay fresh all the time. It is not quite return to a chronological feed yet, but it might satisfy some people

The Facebook-owned image-sharing platform has more than 800 million users. Platforms such as Instagram need to be very cautious when making significant changes to the way they present post. Instagram has faced a lot of backlash for its algorithmic feed in the recent months. Algorithmic feeds have never been popular amongst users, as they are often bad at showing the posts that you actually want to see and may lead to your feed being filled with old posts on apps like Instagram if you don’t follow a lot of accounts. Instagram also said that it would announce further tweaks to its feed over the next few months, so hopefully we’ll get to see some more meaningful changes like today’s updates in the future.