Marketing Tricks That Target Kids

By Anne Smith  |  Updated April 27, 2016  |  Internet |  Other | 


Why do advertisers target kids more and more each day?

Kids that were born in the new millennium are the first generation that is being surrounded with web ads since birth. They were born in a time where traditional ways of advertising are also still present, but since kids have been using more and more internet, advertisers have realized the advantage of web advertisements for targeting exactly this group of young people.

How to deal with kids targeted ads?

Children are growing up in a world where the internet cannot be escaped, therefore don’t try to protect them from it, rather educate them about it. Not all modern ways of advertising we find online are bad.

The Internet offers plenty of interesting and educational stuff; you just need to know where to look, and how. But to put it to you bluntly, marketers don’t actually care, as long as their ads are performing well. That’s why you need to know the following:

HOW do kids get targeted in the first place?

  • Online video games. Most of the kids nowadays play video games, and advertisers know that. They know exactly what kids like and where they mostly spend their time, and that’s why they use sneaky ways to advertise where they will have the greatest impact.

  • Social media. Besides the fun part of the social networking, the problem that might occur is kids developing an obsession towards it. Despite the fact that the most social networks don’t allow anyone under 13, kids are still using them. So make sure to teach your kids to act smartly around the ads, and explain them exactly how to behave around them. They should learn how to find brands they are interested in, rather than clicking on everything that looks nice.

  • Website ads. Website ads (such as banners and popups) are the easiest to notice online. Sometimes they may be very well disguised with nice content, but when a kid clicks on them, he or she may face a scene inappropriate for their age.

How to protect your kids from online predators?

For you as a parent, it’s important to educate your kids about the mechanisms of advertising, and to be involved in their online activities all the time. Teach them what marketing is and how advertisements work. Explain them how ads affect them and tell them about the ways that marketers use them to get their attention and why they do that. Advertisements are not necessarily bad things, but sometimes they can be. Kids need to know the difference between the two in order to be protected online.

If you think that you need help on this, you can visit some useful websites, made to give parents a hand in situations like this.

  • Admongo is a video game sponsored by the Government, aimed to educate parents and kids about the advertising business and all relevant questions.

  • PBS Kids gives answers to questions you are probably asking yourself about this topic.

What did you do about the education of your children on advertisements?

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