5 creepiest things that Amazon’s Alexa says

If you are one of the Alexa owners, you have surely noticed a strange behaviour to the point where it simply makes you wonder – what’s happening here. As someone on Twitter once said regarding this: “There is a good chance I get murdered tonight”. Alexa, the Amazon’s virtual assistant has been known to suddenly change its behaviour to rather odd one. Back in January, it was already noticed that Alexa tends to suddenly speak without being woken up by a wake word. A few weeks ago, tech columnist Farhad Manjoo was first to write in New York Times, about how his Alexa startled him one night by screaming. During that time all across the Internet, bunch of stories showed up where people were making videos with Alexa starting to randomly making evil sounding laughter. So what is going on here?


Learn How to Get Off Social Media & Smartphones

Most people won’t admit how much social media is effecting their life, and what it means to them. Social media is a part of our lives for over a decayed now, and that being said it surely is hard to cut it out of our life completely. Instead we can always use some tips on how to take back the control of our apps, social media accounts and devices. How often do you open your Facebook or any other social media account, and when you do how much time do you actually spend on it?


Instagram Updates its Algorithmic Feed

The Facebook-owned platform has finally taken some of the ensuing criticism into account based on feedback from users. Instagram has announced today that it will be making critical changes to their algorithmic feed. The biggest reason for this is because Instagram’s algorithmic feed fails to show fresh content most of the time. Instead it keeps showing posts that users may have already seen in the past. In order to fix this problem, Instagram says it is making changes to the feed which will now make sure new posts are shown more often. This way user’s feed with stay fresh all the time. It is not quite return to a chronological feed yet, but it might satisfy some people


Hashtags and Why We Love Them

Urban legend says… For a long time, everybody thought it was just a Twitter thing. As Urban Dictionary explains, some believe the Twitter hashtag usage began when a broken plane luckily landed in the Hudson River in early 2009 and some Twitter user wrote a post and added #flight1549 to it. Urban legends are great fun, but we’re gonna stick to the known facts and try to answer the question – what is hashtag ?


Make Your Phone Battery Last All Day

It’s quite a task these days to keep your cell phone battery alive the entire day. Smartphones have improved the cell phone user experience over time, but anyhow, the battery is still something that suffers in the end. Why? Because despite the fact that new technologies have been drastically improved, they can barely last all day when in use. Most people use lots of apps which consume their battery at an incredible rate. This especially happens when you’re on the road. When you’re travelling and exploring new places, you rely on your mobile phone’s applications such as navigation, GPS apps, etc. The good news is that there ARE ways of saving your cell phone battery life. Check it out.


Working Outside Will Change Your Life

Grab your laptop and enjoy the nature --> It is quite normal with the arrival of summer that you might wish to spend more time outside as opposed to being stuck the office where most of us should be during working hours. Working outside the office, especially in the summer sunshine, is a refreshing activity and can even result in better productivity. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time breathing in the fresh air while working? We bet, no one! Although it sounds like a GREAT idea, however, if you want your stay outside and be comfortable, you’ll have to be well equipped and ready for it. Follow this guide for making your workday outside more productive and pleasant.


5 Tips For Creative Thinking

Find inspiration in your everyday life Creativity is something we were all born with, the only question is how often are we using it and is it being used for the right purposes. Every morning when we get up, there’s an imaginary plan in our heads, whether it’s about our daily routine, or plans about the future, job related or the pending free time. Brilliant ideas, solutions and reminders are occupying our thoughts all the time. Good ideas start fading over time, so it is very important to keep changing the way you observe the world in order to find inspiration for something bigger and better. Here’s a list of the 5 golden rules that will charge you with new creativity , just try implementing them in your everyday life and impressive results will start manifesting on their own.


Cut Your Summertime Electric Bill In Half

It’s the summer season again, which implies that energy expenditures will increase especially if you are used to energy consumption routines , such as insulation, installing new windows or even adjusting your thermostat. Below are a few tips that can help you save energy during the summer. Saving energy is the best way to stay cool!