5 Tips For Creative Thinking

By Anne Smith  |  Updated June 24, 2015  |  Lifestyle | 



1. Observe the world with different eyes

Fresh ideas are everywhere around you, you just need to open your eyes. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and a positive attitude, stay curious all the time, and willing to explore the world. Try to view the world from a different perspective, try new things all the time, and you will awaken the desire to explore more and more every day. At one point or another, you will realize how much beauty there is in our amazing world! You will be willing to keep on seeking for new and exciting things until you find your own unique way of collecting your daily inspiration from everyday things.


2. Inspiration is everywhere around you

You could find the inspiration in your kitchen, on the street, or even at the workplace. Sometimes, another person passing by can inspire you, an image you see, something you smell or a noise you hear can give you an amazing idea to create something you never expected before. Things like this could happen without you even noticing, so be prepared and stay aware. Always carry a notebook in your bag so that when inspiration strikes, you can write it down, quickly!


3. Keep moving

If you want to keep up with the latest trends and collect some new catchy ideas, it would be best to subscribe to a magazine in your desired industry. Those kind of magazines could supply you with a weekly dose of inspiration since they are always full of new and interesting ideas on the latest trends. One of the best sources of inspirational and motivational stories is TED Talks.


Keep moving can also be taken literally - take a walk. Fresh air can be a great source of inspiration, as well as natural surroundings. Green colors have been known to enhance our moods and impact our positive thinking skills, and nature is all about green! Looking at the many vivid colors of nature will relax you and give you even more inspiration, naturally.


4. Surround yourself with creative people

If you spend more time with people who are motivated to expand their horizons, they will challenge you creatively and make you more interested in progressing further on. Being in a group of creative people, sharing thoughts and opinions in discussions with them can help you grow and will continuosly change the way you see things around you. It is also motivating to have a person to push you and set the bar high because it keeps you working.


5. Brake a routine - experiment!

Routine is one of the most common ways to become uninspired, so please don’t let it ruin your imagination! Always try something new, invent something new, do whatever it takes and don’t be afraid of the failure! Try not to kill your enthusiasm before you’ve even started.


You need to constantly work on your creativity and train it. Switch your thinking into creative mode and the inspiration will naturally follow as you desire.


Where do you find your daily dose of inspiration?

Who inspires you the most and how do they do it?