Cut Your Summertime Electric Bill In Half

By Anne Smith  |  Updated June 16, 2015  |  Lifestyle | 


Room temperature, what exactly is it?

A lot of homes have a central cooling and heating systems, which are generally known as HVAC systems, to keep up a temperature-controlled inside. Energy prices happen to be going up and HVAC systems are actually the cause of the huge power consumption. The Environmental Protection Agency evaluates that the average American family uses over $2,000 on energy expenditures each year. EPA states that half of the money is normally used on heating and cooling. The best way to not take care of your cooling system during summer weather is to ensure that you regulate your thermostat to at least 78°F (26°C) when your house is vacant. Consider using ceiling fans rather than the air conditioner in order to help save you more money.

Good insulation saves

The other big source of energy waste at home comes from insufficient insulation that is used to trap a lot of cool air indoors, at the same time reflecting a lot of hot air entering from the outside. Excellent insulation is expensive based on the size of the home, and is available in different materials such as hemp, which is an eco-friendly substitute for the traditional polystyrene combinations. Another alternative may be found from Glucose based materials which are found in recycled paper products.

Avoid opening the refrigerator too often

It is believed that keeping the refrigerator closed when not in use saves a lot of energy. You can also keep the freezer or refrigerator full with drinks and food for the times when you feel a little dehydrated. The refrigerator uses less energy when it’s fully packed because much of the cold air does not escape as easily. The best way to cool your body during summer is to drink ice cold drinks.

Summertime fun in the water

Summertime weather allows the majority of people choose to use more water for fun, even if it’s just going swimming or splashing at the backyard using sprinklers. As a result, the expenses incurred during such times may rise due to water wastage. The EPA suggests a few friendly ways to save more on water as well as your money.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing the high temperature of the summer season, you may want to use these guidelines to keep your loved ones cool and cut to down on energy costs while minimizing your carbon footprint.