Working Outside Will Change Your Life

By Anne Smith  |  Updated June 24, 2015  |  Lifestyle | 



Doing what you love, but still tired in the evenings?

Tell me if you can relate to finding yourself too tired or stressed out each day after working hours, unable to do anything but eat and sleep, say no more, we’ve got you covered. You probably assume it’s related to the job you have or the tasks you need to do each day, but it may also be caused by the physical work environment such as the indoor lightning (which affects eyes), the uniform you have to wear, or the close walls and the size of the office you’re in, or a number of many other factors.


Technical details are a prerequisite

As mobile technologies have made us all “all-hours” workers, due to the fact that they offer us super abilities like we’ve never had before, we’ve all become used to, more or less, being able to do ANYTHING, from ANYWHERE, and at ANY TIME. Whether it’s running a business or personal errands, we can spend the whole day looking at our screens. So, why not spend it in a nicer environment with more comfortable surroundings? Let’s go!


Connect with nature

First of all, you need to check if the wi-fi network’s speed and strength are good enough in the area, or, if you can connect to a mobile hot spot. Nature isn’t too friendly with our fragile technologies, so prepare for everything before you find the “perfect” spot for your new outdoor office. If you are having issues with the wi-fi signal’s weakness (which is common for outside connections) try to reposition the router or maybe add an antenna that will enhance the signal. Portable charging solutions for laptops are especially designed for techy-travelers, and can also provide a great power boost whenever needed during situations like these.


Make a coffee and sit back

When the technical requirements have been met, it’s time to take care of your comfort and the ambiance you’re working in. You don’t need more than a comfortable, ergonomical,  piece of outdoor furniture to sit on and a large table that’s easy to clean. Maybe you could add a few potted plants to keep it fresh and a big umbrella for shade (since you’re about to have trouble seeing your monitor in the sunny day light).

Our lovely, one and only Sun produces so much glare that it’s almost impossible to see the monitor screen when outdoors. The only solution for this would be to find an anti-glare film that can reduce the reflections on the monitor, making it easier for you to see the screen despite the bright sunlight.


What else might an outdoor office need or want?

Feel free to share with us how your working outdoors experience looks like.

Do you love working outside, in “nature”, or do you prefer the comfort of an air-conditioned office?