Make Your Phone Battery Last All Day

By Anne Smith  |  Updated April 27, 2016  |  Mobile |  Lifestyle | 


Charging more for less time

Situations where you’re out of reach of a charging cable and or have limited time to charge your cell phone, are most likely increasing. Since most of us are always in a hurry, there’s less and less time for the proper and full charging of a cell phone. Here are some tricks that will help you charge more, in less time.

Use a portable battery pack

Portable battery packs can be a really useful thing. For example, you can put the battery on a charger while you’re getting ready to go, and when you leave the house (or apartment), just put the portable pack in your pocket and let it keep charging. With certain portable battery packs, you’ll be able to fully recharge your iPhone 5 in just 5-15 minutes.

Wall socket charging

If you consider wall socket charging equal to a laptop charging, think twice. Here’s why. Wall socket charges your battery faster than when it’s plugged in to a computer. So, even when you’re in a hurry, try to charge from a wall socket rather than a computer because it will charge your phone much faster and besides, it won’t drain your laptop battery. Sometimes it may take an extra hour to charge it via laptop, and that’s why you should consider this way of charging. It’s extremely time saving and we all need those little tips to ease our days, right?

Switch to flight mode

Wi-Fi is known as the one that drains battery more than any other features you use on your mobile phone. But, when you turn the flight mode on, your battery will last much longer. So, when you put your cell phone on a charger, turn the flight mode on at the same time, and that’s how you’ll save more energy on your phone and make the battery last longer.

Stop checking your phone, while it’s being charged

Although it seems innocent, a big white flashing screen draws so much energy from your cell phone that you probably wouldn’t believe. So, can you imagine how much energy is spent every time you turn on your phone while it’s on a charger just to see how much is left until it’s done. Try NOT TO check your phone every 5 minutes while it’s being charged because the charging will take much longer than you expected.

The best thing to do when you put your phone on a charger is to forget about it and stop checking its charging level until it’s time to go and get it off the charger.

How long does your cell phone battery last?

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