Do You Know Spyware Like Spyware Knows You?

By Lucy Walker  |  Updated February 22, 2017  |  Other | 


Where does it come from?

Most likely, spyware comes attached to something you download from public and private, online sites. Software like this usually comes with free programs and downloads and it’s easy to get infected because, let’s be honest, we all love getting things for free. Pay attention to what it says on the pop-ups that keep appearing during the downloading process.

What can spyware do to my PC?

As the leading threat to your online privacy and PC safety in general, it is important for you to know how spyware works. First of all, you will hardly notice anything is wrong until it is completely installed on your PC. Spyware infiltrates your computer, taking information about your online activity and habits and forwarding it to spyware companies without your approval.

The most common thing spyware does is (as the name itself implies) spy on you. Once your PC gets infected, spyware puts your privacy at risk. It may use your personal information freely, information about web pages you visit, or in some cases even hack your passwords or usernames.

It makes changes to your PC that slow it down or could even lead to a crash. What should concern you is the fact that spyware is a kind of a software that is difficult to remove once it is installed on a PC.

Spyware can be present in different forms or as an innocuous software, so you should be very careful when visiting untrusted web pages or downloading from suspicious sources.

How to prevent getting spyware

One of the best ways to get infected is to agree with everything that is being offered when you download something. One of the basic rules to prevent getting spyware is to read everything very carefully! From the license agreement to the privacy statements, read literally every single word, because usually unwanted software is clearly documented and put in front of you, but kind of hidden at the end of the document, in fine print for example. So how did you get spyware? You agreed to install it (or someone else who uses your PC did). Quite simple, isn’t it?

How to avoid it in the future

You are the only one who can prevent getting malicious programs installed on your computer. The main rule for avoiding spyware is to keep things safe. How? Get used to being careful and practice safe surfing. This means that you need to be cautious with the web sites you choose to download from, because it is really difficult to tell the difference between which programs contain spyware and which don’t as they camouflaged very well.

Protect yourself on time

The best solution for protection against spyware is to install a safe and reliable program that will protect it from potential spyware threats and other malicious programs that may harm your computer. We couldn’t agree more about downloading a software that has tested and proven tools.

How familiar are you with spyware and consequences of it?

Have you ever had troubles with these type of malicious programs?

What kind of measures have you taken to protect your own privacy?