Expired Technology Our Kids Will Never Know

By Lucy Walker  |  Updated February 22, 2017  |  Other | 


Tell your kids we had a great time

Before the digital era, we had the chance to enjoy all the simple things in life, which is definitely not the same as what our kids are experiencing in their lives today. The LACK of technologies that we had back in the day made our lives smooth and we were not (as) addicted to electronic gadgets, but on the other hand, technologies today have greatly simplified our day to day lives and that’s a fact.

Although we would all love our kids to be well educated on the newest technology, there are some devices that we can gladly remember as legendary devices, even though their digital time has expired. Let’s go through some of them and see how many of them we actually remember.

Hand > Type machine > Printer > Digital

At first, there was the hand writing on a piece of paper. Then, we used typing machines and standardized paper. Soon after that, we started typing on computers and printed the written word in a paper format. Today, we don’t use paper at all, and thereby we have a lot less to print out. Everything is digital and there’s no “personal” in anything. Even signatures aren’t hand signed today as it used to be. So, it’s not too difficult to assume that printers are something that might just disappear over time.

Kids using printer


It’s easier to calculate with a Smartphone, isn’t it?

Graphing calculators are rapidly disappearing ever since Smartphones conquered the digital world. It’s no wonder at all, but how do modern teachers reconcile with the fact that kids in school use their phones on the exams instead of calculators? It depends on school, and the teachers, but in most cases it is forbidden because of cheating, at the same time, we wonder why NOT use this alternative solution which is much cheaper and more accessible.

Children won't use calculator any more


Unforgettable “White Noise” image and sound

At the time, it was frustrating, but now, you must admit, you miss seeing it sometimes on your screen! Or not. “Snow”, “White noise, “TV snot”, call it whatever you want, but this image is familiar to all of us and our kids will never actually have a chance to be irritated by this phenomenon and the specific sound it produces.

White noise is a result of mixing many different sound waves and since we haven’t been using analog transmission any more, the younger generations will never be able to experience quite like us.



Cute and honest kids’ reactions

There’s no better way to realize how technology has dramatically improved than by showing old machines (that are actual ancestors of modern day computers) to adorable kids and watching their sincere reactions. That’s exactly what you’re about to see in the video below. Take a look at how funny they are:

Do you still keep some of the old tech devices in your house?

Have your child seen any devices that are from the last century?

Which old devices did you find the most fascinating when you were a kid?