How To Handle Cookies (Not The Ones You Eat)

By Lucy Walker  |  Updated May 28, 2017  |  Other | 


How do the cookies work?

It’s easier than you thought. When you visit a certain website, it stores a cookie on your computer. When you revisit the site, your browser shares the cookie with the website and that way the site “knows” that you’ve already been there before. The purpose of making this technology is to remind the website about your online activity during the last visit, and sometimes it can even remember some useful information such as your password or username, and saves you from retyping it each time you visit.

Types of cookies (and not chocolate or vanilla)

There are temporary cookies which stay on your PC during a single browser session, so that when you close the browser, you don’t viagra over the counter have any worries after. And there are persistent cookies which are saved on your computer for a longer time (depending on the website) and keeps your information usually for less than 2 weeks at a time.

How can I see which cookies are on my PC?

Depending on browser that you use, you can manage your cookies. Most of the browsers do have a configuration screen allowing users to see the cookies that have been stored on their computer. Here are the solutions for some of the main browsers:

Google Chrome

Settings>Customize and control>Show advanced settings (at the bottom of the screen)>Privacy>Content Settings>All cookies and site data.

If you followed the instructions above, you will see a list of websites that have stored cookies on your PC.


Tools>Options>Privacy>Remove Individual Cookies.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 - 10.0

Tools>Internet Options>Settings (under the General)>View Files.

When are cookies created?

Cookies are created when a new page is loaded on user's browser (for example when you “submit” an action). Afterwards, the website sends the information to the browser, it then creates a text file called a cookie. BUT if you choose to disable cookies in your browser, the write operation will fail and you’ll have to reenter your data that was previously stored in the cookie.

How secure are cookies and what’s the law say?

Cookies are not a threat to your privacy and are nothing to be scared of, although they are made to track your online behavior. Today, most websites are more likely to draw your attention to their cookie policy (when you first visit their website), but keep in mind that you are able to either block or allow cookies using the settings in their internet browser.

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