Your Old iPhone Is Still Valuable

By Anne Smith  |  Updated April 27, 2016  |  Mobile |  Other | 



Here’s how to use your old iPhone?

There ARE plenty of useful ways to get rid of your old phone, but think twice. Are you sure you really want to? If the answer is “Yes”, go for it, but first check out some of our ideas on the smart use of an old iPhone.


As monitoring device

You can convert and old iPhone into a DIY surveillance system by just using an App that allows you to monitor certain activity of an exact area. You can use the old iPhone as a monitor or detector and record video clips as evidence if ever needed. To perform this, all you need is an old iPhone, access to Wi-Fi, and a free surveillance app.

In addition to that, you can use your old iPhone as a baby monitor to keep an eye on your newborn baby while not being right next to her/him in the same place all the time. Cloud Baby Monitor ($3.99) is an affordable app that turns your iPhone into a proper baby monitoring device.


As a remote control

Even if it’s not in “use” anymore, your old iPhone can still be pretty useful. For example, one of the uses of an old iPhone could be as a remote control. There are a lot of apps these days that allow users to change TV channels using their iPhones as a remote controller. Not only TV channels, but you can also use it for setting the volume of your surround sound speakers and other smart devices as you wish.


As a clock or sleep tracker

If you’re wondering how you behave while sleeping (if you talk in your sleep, sleepwalk, or have any other strange habits), go ahead and download the SleepBot app that monitors your sleep habits and wakes you up when you need it. This app will lull you to sleep with its quiet, comforting tones and will wake you up with a pleasant alarm tone that will help you start your day right.


As a music playlist manager

Take your music wherever you want. Once you’ve created a favorite playlist or two, you can connect your old iPhone with a speaker extension in your car and have the music you like playing all the time without interrupting your phone calls. Not just in your car, but you can use that music anywhere you go by saving space on your new phone for other things.


What have you done with your old iPhones?

Are there any others idea we could mention on using old your iPhone?