Here's How To Uninstall Windows 8 Apps

By Anne Smith  |  Updated April 27, 2016  |  PC | 


The first thing to do is go to the Metro Start screen. Next, scroll through the display of apps until you locate the one you desire to uninstall. After you have chosen the one that you wish to remove, use your mouse to right-click on it. Immediately, a new dialog box will appear.

Within the dialog box, a list of option will appear specifically pertaining to that app. You will see the option to uninstall the app or unpin it. Unpinning it will make it non-visible in the Metro Start screen. Since we are covering the uninstallation process, simply click on Uninstall option. After performing this step, a confirmation box with popup verifying whether you desire to uninstall the application. There will be an Uninstall button displayed. Click on that button to proceed with the uninstallation.

Consequently, after it is completely removed, the app will no longer be available on your computer. If you choose to regain access to it at a later date, you will need to download it again for the Windows Store.